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Yesterday my daughters and I sat at their 6 foot long chalkboard outside and made a list of all the things we want to do this summer.

It looks like this:

sea world, legoland, beach, aquarium, movies, parks, swim, playdates, sleepovers, baking, flying kites, zoo, riding bikes.

Good list, no?

Lucky girls.

We had fun making the list and look forward to doing all these things.

My husband came home a few hours later…we had already moved on to barbies, or hair braiding, or tea parties, I can’t remember which. But he mentioned to me that he had seen the “List”.  I didn’t think much of it until he pointed out that most of our friends and relatives would look forward to just ONE of the outings on our list this summer.

Living in San Diego….we are very spoiled.

We love that we can swim in the outdoor pool in December.

We love that we can leave for the beach at 4:00, knowing we need to be home by 5:00 for dinner, because it’s only a 6 minute drive down the road.

We love that all our malls are outdoors, and the elementary school has no covered walkways, and on that occasional rainy day, there really is no where to go except to a movie, because this city doesn’t expect rain or inclement weather.


So we are thankful, and happy to live in such a phenomenal city. And grateful for the opportunity to raise our girls here. How lucky they are.

But living here means I can never quit my day job and chase my dream of full time photography. I daydream about that sometimes. Living in a cheaper city, saving more money, maybe even living off of one income while I work on becoming a photographer. A real one. A full time one. One that has multiple shoots every week.

That’s another dream.

But for now, I will watch my girls pick strawberries from the fields in Carlsbad and come out with red stained lips and fingers. I will watch them giggle until their cheeks hurt when they get soaked by the water pistols at Legoland. And I will go to the beach more, and even if it’s just for 10 minutes, to listen to the waves, to feel the sand on my toes, and to remember why we pay $4.30 for a gallon of gas…..because living here is a dream.

I can’t get too greedy……

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