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Here I go….restarting the 365.

Not sure how I’m going to post, but seeing as how it’s January 12th and I haven’t yet posted anything, I guess it will just be willy nilly. So the photos are there, every day, just won’t be making it to the blog daily. Or, apparently, weekly either.  Every 12 days sound good to me right now. Let’s get started.

One of the new Christmas gifts. An indoor swing.  They love it! Seems a little silly to need an indoor swing in San Diego…..but just wait, pictures of why we needed it last week are coming soon!

p.s. Thanks Gramps for installing the swing! So far the house is still standing! 🙂

swinging on indoor swing



























The girls took a junior chef class at William Sonoma a few weeks ago. They made hummus and smoothies…both of which were awesome! Left with $200 of new kitchen stuff (that we didn’t need).

Going back again as soon as basketball game schedule allows….and we’ve already got a bunch of friends lined up to join us! Who knew there were so many jr chefs out there!

William Sonoma Jr Chef class



















Another Christmas gift getting put to good use. The girls got new tablets. Now we have to figure out how to work the 1 hour time limit on them. I thought I set it, but it’s not shutting off after an hour. I’ll have to have Harper do it. Hopefully she won’t un-do it once I turn my back. But she’s already smarter than me with electronics.


New Christmas tablet from Santa



















We got some serious El Nino rain last week. And like a good mother, I bought rain boots online the day it stopped raining.

Well, hopefully we get more rain soon….because the boots arrived and they are CUTE! But it’s been sunny ever since. The girls enjoyed splashing in the puddles and wearing (old) rain boots with no pants…..but as soon as the lightening and thunder started there were legit screams of terror and questions of if we are going to die.

Wow. This is NOT a drama free zone.

Testing out the umbrellasplashing in the backyard puddlesgaloshes, no pantsMoms rainjacket








































































































bunny love

bunny love



























Payton giving me a BFF quiz.

I think we are officially BFFs. (I passed)

Testing our BFF



























Payton got this new teddy from Build a Bear when we went there to celebrate a big milestone with friends. She takes him to every room in the house, wherever she’s headed, to keep her company.

I love that he’s just a teddy, nothing fancy, and she loves him.

This kid is old school. 🙂

Little girl lying in bed with new teddy bear



















Drink off

I was juicing (legit juice, in my juicer) when the girls got inspired to do the same. With their hands only. Can you say messy citrus spray ALL OVER THE KITCHEN? great, if you want to stick to the floor every step you take.

But it turned into a competition, and I had to judge.

Yuck. Let me just tell you that a dozen squeezed clementines and mashed up cherries with a few smashed pieces of pineapple does NOT make a delectable beverage.

My vote was to throw them both out immediately.

Not acceptable the competitors say.

So I chose the Orange Tango for flavor (barely) over the Tropical punch, because the tropical punch you kind of had to chew. bleech.

Let’s stick to the real juicer, shall we?

Juicing contest



















And finally, another go at cooking after the chef class they took.

They made eggs, bacon and smoothies for each other (and for dad).

Bon appetite!

Testing out new cooking skills


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