Is 2021 The Year You Invest In Yourself?

Has 2020 taught us anything? I sure hope so. I don’t want to think for a second that we went through all of that for nothing. And maybe this will be the year you invest in yourself, because you realize it matters. YOU matter.

Live For Today

I have learned many things, I think the most important lesson is that we are not promised tomorrow. We’ve all heard that saying. And we all know it deep down. But it is good to have a reason to drag that idea up to the forefront of our brains…and hopefully let it live there on a daily basis.

Invest In Yourself

What does that even mean? How does one invest in yourself?

Over the years researchers have proven the importance of investing in yourself. More specifically, investing in your own knowledge and personal growth. They noted that most non rich people who are stuck in life and not moving forward are people who will spend tons of money on a new car, new clothes, vacations and things like that but would never spend money to take a course on financial freedom, investing, or personal development.

Because they neglect to nurture themselves as people, they remain in the same lifestyle and mindset forever. You see, one of the secrets of the super-rich is that they never stop learning. They are always looking for way to expand their knowledge and grow as a person so they can grow financially. The world’s richest people spend hours a day reading. That’s easy to do!

Read…all the time.

The internet has really distracted us from the magic and power of books, but it is very important to start reading if you aren’t already. Find one good book that you can learn a lot of stuff from and start there. The library is an awesome resource if you don’t want to pay for new books all the time. You can use discounts like amazon prime or free online books if you don’t want to purchase every book you want to peruse!

invest in yourself

Replace non stimulating social media accounts with ones that stimulate your mind.

One thing that we can all agree on is that we all spend a little too much time on social media. But what if you could turn that into a good thing? Instead of following social media accounts that give personal growth tips, financial advice, and other things that will help expand your knowledge. Not all social media will rot your brain you know. It may be difficult to give up some of your favorite social media connections all at once. But at least you can join my private Facebook VIP group where only positivity is allowed! 🙂

Hire a coach

Coaching is something that I see offered a lot now days and I honestly think it’s brilliant. If you are looking to develop a new skill or improve something you’ve already been working on, I highly suggest hiring a coach. Coaching is a bit different from taking a course because you get more personal and individualized results. This is designed to target your problem areas so you can strengthen them and sharpen your skills.

investing in yourself

Invest in your health.

Whatever you do in life, you should remember how important your health is. One thing that I know about a lot of people who aren’t rich, is that they don’t go to the doctor unless they absolutely have to. They say it’s too expensive. This is very true, but again, are you really going to put a price on your health and wellness? You should always strive to take the best care of yourself that you possibly can. You can do this in little ways also like changing your diet and starting to exercise. Find ways to take care of yourself and do it. You won’t regret it.

invest in yourself

Treat Yourself To A Boudoir Photo Shoot

This goes without saying, if you know me at all. ? I can’t imagine a better way than a boudoir session to invest in yourself! Most ladies will invest in some self care prior to their session, so already, in your prep for the session, you are giving yourself the love and care you deserve! The session itself is all about you. We pamper you, treat you to a glamorous makeover where you see the most gorgeous version of yourself and make sure you know you are the ONLY person we are thinking about that day. Our photo session will capture parts of you that you have never seen. It will allow you feel as powerful as you are. And it will leave you with a gorgeous album that will remind you of the incredible woman you are for the rest of your life.

So are you ready? Is 2021 your year? I can help make sure it is! Contact me to find out how to book your own boudoir session and make sure you are thinking about yourself this year!

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