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This little cutie had a snooze fest all through her photo shoot.

Good thing too, because one floor below her were her 2 older sisters and my 2 crazy girls…fighting over who gets to color with the pink marker first!

This is the 3rd girl for one of my best friends, so of course she feels like one of my own. I’ve been lucky to photograph all her beautiful girls, and it all started here….with her first pregnancy shoot. 

The only things that cut this photo shoot short were the fact that my girls arrived upstairs, surprised by what they found, and then badgered me with questions about  “Why is she nudie? Why is there a black thing in her belly button? Where IS her belly button? Why did she just pee on the blanket? OMG!! She just PEED ON THE BLANKET!!!”

And after she peed, she pooped. And then there was pandaemonium… girls went wild (with excitement), and we had to wrap it up.

But being such a good sleeper, we got what we needed……

Newborn photography

Newborn photography

Newborn photography

Newborn headband

Newborns are definitely one of my favorite subjects to photograph. But they take a LOT of work. The most important part of the shoot is the parent prep.

I advise my parents to heat their house to 80 degrees, keep their baby loosely clothed (so there are no elastic marks on wrists and ankles and bellies), and to not feed the baby or let her sleep until I am on the way there.

Sounds ok, all parents agree.

But when I arrive I see hot, sweating, miserable parents who have denied their screaming newborn baby food and sleep for up to an hour! They let me in, but I wouldn’t say I’m entirely welcomed.

The result of following my directions though gets us shots like the ones above. A sleepy, warm, well fed baby will let me pose her just about any way I want.  And the photos the parents get make them forget how hot they were that day…..

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