blonde highlights { | San Diego newborn, child, and family photographer}

Blonde highlights…..

For today’s picture for the 365 I am going to do a comparison.

This is Payton at 1.5 months old.

blonde highlights | kim kelley photo

I say that Payton’s hair used to be darker than Tom’s.

I think it was. Just doesn’t look like it in this picture.

Hers looks a little reddish.

His looks a lot gray.

Now look at the picture I took today.

blonde highlights | san diego photography

blonde highlights-kim kelley photo

She’s getting close to Harper’s color!

Youth and natural highlights…both wasted on the young.

When I’m taking pictures for myself because we are at an “event” (a trip to the beach, Seaworld,  a birthday party, the first day of school, etc) or when I’m forced to take pictures every day, like for the project 365, I always think they look pretty similar to how they looked the day, the week, the month before…..

Then I start reviewing pictures, like I did today to get some old shots, and I am floored. I don’t know when they changed so much, or when they grew up from babies to toddlers, and from toddlers to preschoolers. Where is the time going? How did she get so old looking?

I know they say “enjoy every minute, it goes so fast!” and it’s hard to, because every minute is not always enjoyable. There are pee pee accidents, there are intentional spills on the floor, there are marker drawings on the new couch, there are tantrums in the middle of Target. But when I look back at old pictures, and I see how fast the time really is going, it makes me want to follow that advice a little more.

At least for now….while they’re playing quietly in their room!



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