How to prepare for your Boudoir Photo Session

Boudoir Photos are so fun and beautiful, but they can also be a bit intimidating! Of course you are going to want to be looking your very best! Here are some tips of how to prepare for your boudoir session so everything goes smoothly!

what to bring to boudoir session
  1. Drink lots of water

The number one thing your body needs from you? Hydration! Make an effort to stay hydrated and drink lots of water leading up to your shoot, you’ll feel better and your skin + body will thank you for it!

2. Avoid Bloating Foods

Dairy, gluten, and grease can be very tempting… but if you can cut back on (or even cut out) those tasty but un-healthy foods at least a few days before your shoot, you can avoid feeling bloated! You want to feel confident and radiant, and that is hard to do when you’re bloated!

How to prepare for your boudoir session

3. Hair Removal

Waxing is encouraged, but if you’re not a waxer— just don’t forget to shave!! (remember everything that could show in the lingerie you plan to wear… it may be more than just legs and armpits!) You know how frustrating it is when you show up at the pool only to realize you forgot to groom— don’t forever capture unwanted hair in your keepsake boudoir photos!

4. Try on/ Shop for Lingerie

You may already have some amazing lingerie in your dresser drawers, but sometimes a new look can be exciting and fun! Whether you are putting on an old favorite or shopping for something fresh, you’ll want to try on your options before packing for the shoot! Make sure whatever you bring with you is flattering and your favorite! Wear something you LOVE!

5. Find some inspiration photos

Your photographer will have plenty of expertise in creating shots with you, but it doesn’t hurt to get a few ideas before heading to your shoot. If you find something you really love on pinterest or you have an idea you want to try, communicate that to your photographer!

How to prepare for your boudoir session

6. Get an Alibi

These photos are most likely a surprise for your honey, right? So you’re going to need an excuse for being dolled up and unavailable;) Make plans with friends, ask your mom to cover for you… just come up with a good excuse for where you’re disappearing to so you don’t ruin the surprise!

7. Schedule a Mani/Pedi

Boudoir Session Prep is basically just a call for some serious self-care and pampering! If you don’t want to get a manicure and pedicure, just be sure you give your nails a fresh coat of lacquer, or at least remove any old and chipped polish from your fingers and toes.

8. Moisturize Moisturize MOISTURIZE

…..need I say more? You’re going to be showing off some skin and you want it to be silky and soft and glowing! Moisturizing is more than just putting lotion on the day of the shoot (though you definitely want to do that too) try applying some lotion after you shower every day and before bed every day before the shoot (and feel free to keep going with the lotion after your shoot… dry skin=future wrinkles, acne, and discomfort)

9. Get Your Beauty Rest

Same as the moisturizing tip listed above, you want to get a good nights rest for more than just the night before the shoot— but AT LEAST get a good night’s rest the eve of your boudoir session (don’t stay out late with friends or your love, try to avoid working a late shift) Hit the sack early and let your body rejuvenate!

Hope these tips helped prepare you for your boudoir session! Now if you haven’t booked, that’s the last thing on your list! Get in touch to find out about available sessions!

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