Hiking in Del Mar

Hiking in Del Mar

One of our favorite pastimes.

I grab my camera for some practice on my girls, and they get the freedom to run around, get dirty, and explore. Touching EVERYTHING.

The exact opposite of a normal day.  🙂

This was the only sit down shot. The rest were action…..

north county child photographer

One final look at me before they take off. Memorizing my face I guess, in case they never make it out of the woods.


Kind of.


north county child photographer

Why waste time?

We’re here to get dirty right?

In white shorts of course!


north county child photographer

This flower picking was pretty fun…..

until they noticed all the red ants crawling all over their feet and legs!

It was pretty hilarious watching them freak out.

Until the freaking out didn’t stop.

Not easy to console a kid with red ants crawling on them faster then a mom can swipe them off. Especially if that mom is laughing so hard she can’t see the ants.

But somehow we got them off and could continue on with our hike.

north county child photographer

But first we moved away from the ant hill.

hiking in del mar

As fast as possible.

north county child photographer

Next stop?

Time for a quick Pledge of Allegiance.

While we’re hiking.

Makes PERFECT sense.

hiking in del mar

May 27, 201444

Next up?

Peace Builders Pledge.  The official school pledge.

Promising to be kind, to be fair, to be a good listener,  to seek wise people for advice, and follow that advice.

Obviously, that pledge needs to be repeated at home too, because those things don’t happen unless there’s a pledge beforehand.



north county child photographer

Seriously feelin’ it!

And I’m hanging on every word……

You bet sista. We are gonna take this pledge home and RUN WITH IT!!!

north county child photographer

Harper too?

Bring it.

The more the merrier.

Let’s ALL learn this pledge.


north county child photographer

It’s the same when they talk as when I talk.

They may hear themselves, but they’ll never remember it.

Good thing they’re so cute.

hiking in del mar


May 27, 201460

May 27, 201418

May 27, 201463

Hiking in Del Mar.





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