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Class of 2014 High School Senior Spokesmodels

High school senior spokesmodels on the beach in Del Mar


I’m looking for my next class of High School Senior Spokesmodels to represent my brand. My Spokesmodels must be cute as a button, outgoing and friendly, spunky, and enthusiastic. Your main objective will be to help all your friends decide to come to Kim Kelley Photography for their senior portraits. You will do this by passing out rep cards to your friends, using a LOT of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (drudgery, I know! lol), and telling everyone you know about how much fun you had on your senior portrait session. Parents play a big part in this!

This program is designed to create a partnership between Kim Kelley Photography and the class of 2014. In exchange for the Senior Models promoting my business and suggesting Kim Kelley Photography to their friends, they will get a complimentary session for themselves as well as earn product credits and spending money (cash paid in the form of gift cards). They will also get 40 double-sided referral cards designed with an image from their session. The amount of earnings the senior model receives is determined by the amount of qualified referrals they send. There are no limits on what can be earned.


What happens next?

Once you fill out a Senior Model application and are chosen as a Kim Kelley Photography senior model, your next step is to schedule your session. Your model session will need to take place before September 7, 2013.


What’s in it for me?

Everyone who is accepted into the Senior Model program will receive the following:

1. A complimentary session lasting no longer than 1.5 hours, with unlimited outfit changes (there is a CATCH…so keep reading til the end)

2. 40 double-sided referral cards to hand out to friends and family so you can start earning referral credits and bonuses

3. A senior memory album to make showing off your images to all your friends super easy.

4. A facebook gallery filled with beautiful images of you from your session.

5. $20 in either Starbucks, Visa or iTunes giftcards for every referral that books a session.



The fine print:

A referral is a paid booking for senior portraits. The individual must name you as the referring Senior Model.  All High School Senior Models must complete their full session by September 7, 2013. Products and bonuses earned by the Senior Model  will be determined by the number of referrals credited to the Senior Rep by December 31, 2013. This is the catch I mentioned above: You will be required to bring in at least four senior clients by Christmas break. If you fail to bring in the four required referrals by Christmas, then you will have to pay the $400 for your senior portraits, less $100 for each referral you did bring in. (For example, if you brought in only one client, you’ll owe $300, if you brought in two, you’ll owe $200, if you brought in three, you’ll only owe $100.  The purpose of this program is to promote Kim Kelley Photography. You are responsible for generating referrals to earn your Model benefits. You are also agreeing to only have your senior portraits taken by Kim Kelley Photography (excluding school portraits for yearbook). You may not model or represent any other senior portrait company during your senior year. Kim Kelley Photography may use your images in our senior marketing campaign, website, business cards, marketing pieces, and any other way in which the owner sees fit to promote Kim Kelley Photography.


By signing below, you agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Senior Rep Program as described above.


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