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Celebrating the end of high school

Pretty proud of this guy….

This is Hunter. He’s my nephew. My sister’s 2nd born. What can I say about Hunter that won’t embarrass him? Not a lot. So I’m just going to lay it all out there.

When we found out he was a boy, we were sad. We already had a boy in our family, Hunter’s older brother. We all wanted a baby girl. But Hunter came screaming into the world on January 4th, and we loved him as much as we ever could, boy parts and all.  When he was small he loved balls, and bats, and trikes, and pounding on things, and getting loud. But he also loved a baby doll, and nurtured that baby with all his heart. He was known to compliment my sister on her nail polish, or her shoes. My mom and I smiled at each other and snickered.  As he got older he restricted his nicknames. He allowed Tom and me to call him Hunts still, but no one else could. Because of that, Tom and I STILL call him Hunts, but he very likely doesn’t like it when we call him that anymore either.

He once carved his name with his fingernail into his grandparents leather chair when he was bored. He was forced to “pay back” the price of what it cost to get the leather treated, by working off the price in yard work. He was dropped off on the weekend and pulled weeds, raked leaves, hauled bags of refuse around (he was about 5 years old at the time). It was his punishment. He loved it. He asked to come back and help another day.

He never had the patience for organized sports, yet he would excel at any sport he tried, without really trying. We always told my sister…if he just PRACTICED and committed he’d be amazing!!! That was not his way. He would not be pushed into anything he didn’t love.

He loves the outdoors. He loves hunting, he loves motor biking in the dirt, camping, fishing, getting dirty, “living off the land.”

He is super smart. He’s one of those smart guys who doesn’t have to try, so sometimes doesn’t prove how smart he is, because he’s too bored to try. But school is not tough for this kid.

And he’s strong. His hugs almost break my ribs, and I find myself not being able to exhale for a second, which is scary, but I know he loves it.

He’s heading off to Wyoming for college, following his brother, and I couldn’t be happier to hear that. For as much as he claims to be bored with the rest of us, he’s obviously still a family guy at heart. And he’ll come around, and figure out we are just as awesome as he is. 🙂  Someday.

Congratulations on a job well done Hunts. And good luck with this next exciting step. Love you to pieces.

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