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This could be the biggest ever photography blog mistake.

Here I go, I’m starting a blog.


That’s not a real question that I’m about to answer. I really don’t know why. I shouldn’t be. Really. I shouldn’t be.

It’s not as if I don’t have enough to do….I work 32 hours a week at the hospital, I have 2 girls who pretend they can’t see their daddy whenever they need something, I am trying to run a photography business, and I also have pesky things like dinner and exercise and grocery shopping and folding laundry that seem to require my attention EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

How do I make it slow down?

I guess, by starting a blog…..and finding one more reason to ignore the pile of laundry on the bed.

Well, what better day than June 1st to write my very first blog.

This is really supposed to be about my photography.

So. Here’s a picture. I mean. Come on. A photography blog without a picture? Unheard of.

photography blog mistake

You’re welcome.

And Payton? Sorry, but remember last Tuesday at pick up from school and you pulled the back of my skirt up to my neck as I signed you out?

Well kid, we’ll call it even.

Stick with me….there will be some more blogging, and some more photos and some more photography blog mistakes I’m sure.

I’m just getting started.

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