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June 24, 2018

Headshots vs Portrait photography

Call them headshots, call them portraits, they are all about the same. You need photos of yourself or your child, for whatever reason, I can do it quickly and easily just about anywhere.

This handsome boy was brought to my house for “portraits”. His brother was brought to my house a few weeks prior for “headshots”. But they look exactly the same.

Their mom is a friend of mine, and her youngest son is a quasi-movie star, a celebrity in our town. 🙂 He is an amazing dancer, actor, basketball player…you name it, the kid does it, and does it well. So he needed true headshots for all his Hollywood connections.

Once they got the photos back, she loved them enough to use them not only as headshots, but as a gift for her husband for Fathers day. So she brought her oldest son back to get portraits of him taken in much the same way.

Her oldest is a charmer. How many 15 year old boys would actually seem to enjoy themselves at a photoshoot in my yard with their mom? I would gamble the answer would be zero. But I’d be wrong. Because this guy threw the average. I don’t know what she’s doing at home, but she’s raising those boys right! They are both polite, know how to converse with adults, are well rounded, fun, and handsome!  They are welcome to come back to my house any day for headshots and/or portraits and/or anything they want to call them. Call it a social visit and I’ll just snap some photos while you’re visiting. They made it so easy on me!

high school boy smiling with lips closedhigh school boy headshotsclose up of boy against green bushesheadshots of smiling 14 year old boy in blue shirthigh school boy against grey backdrop
headshots of high school boy against black backdrop

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