April 09, 201440

For spring break this month we took the girls to Hawaii. My dad and his wife met us there and we had adjoining hotel rooms.

Best idea ever!!

Worst idea ever!!

Best for Tom, the girls, and me. We LOVED having them one thin, plaster wall away…..but probably the worst idea my dad and Kathy have ever agreed to.

Do you know how long a 5 year old will knock on your adjoining door before giving up?

Neither do we.

She never gave up.

It was an incredibly fun week though.

The weather was in the 80’s, the breeze was blowing, and the beach was wide open.

The mai tais at the hotel were delicious, the coffee cart opened at 0430, and the convenience store located in the hotel had wine.

Who needs more than that on vacation??

April 07, 20142

Payton celebrating our first night there.

I’d like to brag and tell you she’s doing a front handspring, or a walkover, or a double back half twist that lands in splits.

But she’s actually doing a……


Can’t you see it?

Keep staring til you can.
April 07, 201415April 07, 201426

I can’t tell you how many times people made comments about us coming to Hawaii when we live in San Diego.  Why bother??

The climate is the same! You have an ocean there! It’s gorgeous in San Diego right now!

Yes, yes, yes.

But to get smiles like those above, you need to remove the emails, the work phones, the homework, the alarm clocks, and let these little Kelleys sleep in hotel rooms and eat goldfish crackers to their hearts delight.

Everything is better in a hotel (says Harper).

So that is what we did.

Stepped out of real life for a week, flew to a place that looks very similar to our own backyard, but feels a million miles away.


April 09, 201448April 09, 201444

This covers a few of the days for my 365.

Hawaii part 2 coming…..

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