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More Hawaii pictures. See Hawaii part 1 here.

How many of you just reached over to shut your computer down?

I know, I know….no one wants to hear about Hawaii or see pictures from Hawaii unless you are currently IN Hawaii, or have an upcoming trip planned TO Hawaii.

So feel free to leave this page….I wouldn’t blame you. Even looking at these pictures myself makes me feel sad that I’m back at home, sitting here at my desk, working, and not lying on the beach.

However, since home is San Diego….I guess I COULD go lay on the beach……

(SNAP! Sorry Colorado peeps!)

Anyway, if you’re still here, let’s get on with business.

Hawaii pics that no one wants to see…here we go.


The Aqua cycle.

Ask any adult–an hour is too long to rent an aqua cycle.

Ask one of my 2 kids–there are not enough hours in the day to get their fill of riding an aqua cycle.

Tom and I took turns pedaling them around.

April 09, 201456

The pool.

Where Payton lives.

April 13, 2014242

Payton enjoying the pool, and…..

April 13, 2014241

Payton getting her way and enjoying the pool with her dad and sister.

Pool, pool, pool….that is all she wants.

Who cares about the gorgeous beach and ocean 2 feet away.

Let’s go get chlorinated!!

April 13, 2014229

Harper with Gramps (my dad).

If we told her she could go live with Gramps and Nana Kathy she would tell us to take her to airport, she’s ready to leave.

Her things? She wouldn’t need them. She just needs Gramps.

There were 30-40 minutes of crying in the airport when we landed back in SD. She missed Gramps already.


April 13, 2014215

I think here they may be reading about what to feed the sea urchin she found on the beach and became her pet in the hotel room.


Sea urchins? After 6 days in captivity? Smell disgusting.


Tom finally got me out on a paddle board! I’ve been wanting to try it, but needed the perfect water conditions.

Unfortunately, the water was SO calm, the girls weren’t scared either and refused to get off my board for most of the time.

I did get to take off by myself for a bit, and it was lovely, but the rest of the time I paddled them around and spent the entire time out at sea lecturing them about how they should react if we tipped over. How they would NOT panic. How they would REMEMBER that they know how to swim. How they will grab onto the paddle board and not onto my face.

Luckily, didn’t have to test them to see if they had really been listening. But if you are 30 feet out  away from the beach, and you have two little girls on your paddle board trying to sing and dance to “Let it Go” while you try to keep it afloat, these thoughts will occupy your mind.

April 12, 2014165April 12, 2014144

Gramps and Nana Kathy.

The reason why this vacation felt like a vacation. (vs just a transfer of our regular lives and our regular schedules into a hotel room).

Thank God for grandparents.

And thank God for this particular set of grandparents who knew how to get happy hour started at 4:00!

April 12, 2014133

Harper told us she wants to get her own paddleboard back home.

She is seriously half fish.

She stayed in the water from the minute we let her go down to the beach until we dragged her back up to the room (because Happy Hour was about to start)
April 10, 2014123
At the luau.

April 10, 2014120April 10, 2014114April 10, 2014112
The beginning of happy hour.


April 10, 2014101
Serious, serious sand castle architectural discussions going on.
April 10, 201475
This is the beach President Obama vacations at.

It met our standards too.

April 10, 201471April 09, 201468
Ahhh….the sand pedicure.

How’s that sand feeling getting rubbed up to your knee Gramps?

I guess it’s better than getting buried in the sand up to your neck.

Saving that for future trips.

Aloha Hawaii.

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  • Mary MalinowskiGorgeous pic’s, they just make me smile, thanks! Kim you are a beautiful Mama.ReplyCancel

  • Mary MalinowskiI live for your posts!!! so I’m thinking HIlton Hawaiian Village? Fort DeRussy was ‘my’ beach, went there just about daily for 3 years, used to live right down the street. Heaven!ReplyCancel

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