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The girls started gymnastics as an after school activity a few weeks ago.

Last week I took my camera to catch some gymnasti-cizing.

I didn’t know it was all OUTSIDE!!!  Wow! We must live in San Diego…..


Harper stretching pre-workout.  (Look at the size of those feet! How tall is this girl going to get??)

San Diego child photographer


Payton stretching.

Or not.

She was sooo excited that I came to watch!

So why does she look like I just walked into her senior prom and started dancing with her friends?

North County family photographer


But wait, all is not lost….time to flip around and get some serious air, and some crazy hair.

(uhhh….why don’t the other kids look as crazy as mine do?)

Del Mar Family Photographer


North County family photographer


Ok, hold on.

Is this really stretching?

Is this still gymnastics?

Or are they actually pumping in Taylor Swift songs?

And by the way, how did they even learn about Taylor Swift? What happened to the Disney soundtracks, and Raffi, and nursery rhymes?

I blame Pandora….that program is too easy to use.

And Youtube. I blame them too.  And I hate that my kids know Youtube.

Watching anything on Youtube is like playing Russian roulette.

It’s like 6 degrees of separation…starting at a sweet little song from  The Little Mermaid and then 5 clicks later I barely catch them in time to prevent them from clicking on “Zombie princesses participating in a cult death march”.

Anyway, this is how gymnastics is going….

Del Mar Family Photographer

Del Mar Family Photographer


So at this point, I guess an instructor finally looks at them, realizes this is not really gymnastics, so gets them to work doing some real stuff.

By the way, did I mention how crazy it is that this class is all outside?  And it’s October? What a great city.

San Diego family photographer


Whoops! Sorry. I said we were going to see some “REAL” stuff. Let’s keep moving.


Thanks for whatever that was, Payton.


And if you feel like emailing me to tell me her clothes don’t match, don’t bother. No one in this house cares what I think about their clothes. We are IN-dependent around here. (until 3 minutes pass and they need me for something).


Ok, here are some moves:

Del Mar Family Photographer


San Diego child photographer

Del Mar child photographer


Del Mar child photographer

She stuck the landing!!


San Diego family photographer


(donkey kicks. Come on!!)



San Diego family photographer


Maybe I should work on where I position myself for picture taking.

Sorry girls.

But great work. Looks like you are really excelling in gymnastics.

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