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Well, it has been a while and my blog needs some serious TLC. But, I do follow-through on my promises, even though it can take me a bit of time. Promise kept. 

Among some of the things I always planned to share, and will continue to share, is inspiration, fashion, travel, and playlists. I do a lot of things – I’m interested in life and all that life has to offer, if only I had some more time on this planet! Since everyone is on instagram nowadays and no one blogs that much anymore (ha!) I figure I’ll just share whatever I want and see if anyone notices. That means, weird road trip photos and playlists, coming at you soon!

In the meantime, I’ve been hanging onto these photos for a while and haven’t shared them or posted about this boudoir session. 

Amazing Clients

First, I gotta say, and I say it so much it’s probably annoying, that I have the most amazing clients. I mean, really, really, really amazing. This particular client is very successful, and very accomplished. We are all successful in our own way – no doubt, but this wonderful woman really impressed me with her drive and determination. She is beautiful, accomplished, amazing.

Boudoir For Every Woman

A boudoir session is for every woman – and it really amazes me the diversity I see in my clients in their ages, shapes, sizes, personalities, careers, values, etc. – there is no “mold” or “typical” woman who books a session. That’s what I love, it’s about the feminine spirit. And the feminine spirit isn’t something you can trivialize through definition – it’s poetic, it’s a story – and it can’t be reduced to categories.

Anyway, I digress, and I will get to photo sharing.

Without further ado…here they are in all their glory! (And just go ahead and click here for your own session!)

Asian woman lying on bed
lying on back in black body suit
kneeling on bed in black thong
tight white half shirt and white undies with under boob

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