Good night | Project 365 day 10

Project 365: day 10

Day 10

This is the longest I have succeeded in my project 365 endeavors. I’m patting myself on the back right now. Hoping I don’t screw it up now that I’m acting all arrogant about it.  I swore I was going to sneak into it, make it “no big deal” , and hopefully complete it without a lot of fuss.

I guess I need the fuss.

So day 10. I’m pretty excited.

Here is day 10:

The good night ritual

san diego family photographer

Goodnight is never easy in our house.

Putting the girls to bed entails:

Fights over toothbrushing and flossing (Tom tries to do it, Payton fights it and insists that I do it all or she will refuse to have it done)

Debates over whose turn it is to tell stories (they always insist it’s my turn, but Tom and I trade off every night, so there should be no need to argue that fact)

Threats over losing all stories unless they get into their beds RIGHT NOW

Negotiations over how many stories I’m going to tell. I say one. They say between 3 and 4 sounds fair.

Yelling at each other if they interrupt the stories too often to ask questions (sometimes the words I use are not words Payton understands. I get that interruption. But sometimes they will interrupt me to tell me they want the dog in my story to be named Lacey, NOT Buck. Or that the princess was wearing a nightgown to bed, NOT pajamas. That’s when I start threatening that I’m going to walk out and you make up the rest of the story in your head and you should be asleep by now anyway and no other parent in the universe is telling this many made up stories to their kids every single night and you should just be grateful for even half a story and you should lay quietly and listen or this will be the last story ever told in this house EVER!  Or something along those lines)

And goodnight kisses. And of course, who has to go first. There is something about being the last kid to be kissed. It makes for abetter night’s sleep or something.

Or proves you’re the favorite kid.

Something like that.

san diego family photographer

This is such a cute look she’s giving Tom.

Love when I can send them off to bed smiling like that.

Because yes, sometimes, there are no smiles, there are just tears.

And what a sad thing to think that they are crying because they have to go to sleep.

Fast forward 30 years….they will be in my shoes….crying because they want to go to sleep.




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