Fun with carbonated water | Kim Kelley Photography

These pictures crack me up…..probably because of the story behind it.


It’s still morning time…they are still in their pj’s under the raincoats.

One of them happens to pick up my carbonated water bottle, which only had a little bit of water left in it, and it was from yesterday, so all the carbonation had died already.

But  in the interest of learning good lessons, when one of them started shaking it, I told them never to shake a bottle that had fizzy water in it! Or it will explode all over you!


March 29, 20147

Suddenly they both take off.

Seems like I taught them a good lesson! They left the bottle alone, and moved on to do something else.

Then they are back.

In rain gear.

And they attack the bottle once again

March 29, 20145

You can see in the pics above how desperately they shook the bottle and how excited they were for the explosion.

That didn’t happen.

I guess I could have helped them out and given them a new bottle, full of carbonation.

But I can predict what that would have looked like….and I didn’t want any part of that.

March 29, 20141

So I let them get all dressed up and shake a bottle for nothin.

But it still looks like fun, so I’m refuse to feel guilty.


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