Who doesn’t want a sister like this?

I think this question, and this photo, is a great way to start this blog post.


Del Mar Christmas photo shoot

The one being held is Caroline, one of my dear friends.

Her sister shocked us all by scooping her up, then got soaked by the incoming tide just seconds later…hence the face.

Look at Caroline’s face though…in some ways her expression is even better.  The damsel in distress, saved in the nick of time, and looking pleased as punch.

Let me take this opportunity, after I’ve made fun of her and her expression, to say how much I adore this lady.

We met just 2 1/2  years ago when our kids were in Kindergarten together, but I can’t imagine not knowing her.

And it’s not that we see each other every day…..far from it. But just knowing how good a person she is, and feeling thankful that she is in my life even just a little bit, helps me get through some of the toughest days….as a mom, as a friend, and as a person navigating life .



Del Mar Christmas photo shoot

She has this amazing family, an awesome husband, 2 insanely cute kids who adore her, a PhD,  and the body of a supermodel….yet she is probably the most humble, modest, and genuinely appreciative person I know.

A few weeks ago another “friend” of mine unknowingly (or knowingly?) made me feel horrible about myself. Obviously trying to make herself feel better by boasting and gloating about yet ANOTHER amazing thing she had done/bought/said, she made me feel like I was just there to help her praise herself, and that I was less than her because I had not accomplished the same.

I texted Caroline later. Thanking her for not being that person. For NEVER being that person. With all she has, and has done, she has never once needed to put someone else down, or seek out compliments, to help her self esteem.  And that deserved a compliment. A genuine one. Not one that someone went “fishing” for.  So I told her.

She seemed surprised. Grateful for the kind words, but surprised. And I know she’s heard things like this before, from other friends.

But that’s why she’s so incredible. She doesn’t expect it. And she doesn’t need it. And when you remind her how great she is, she poo-poos it and flips the conversation to tell you how great YOU are instead.

So Caroline, thank you for being that kind of friend for me. The kind that keeps me grounded. And reminds me what a true friend is supposed to be like. And allows me to believe there ARE good people in the world, people who love me for who I am, not what I can do for them.


And oh yeah, thank you for doing all the work when we were co-room moms last year. The “co” part was kinda nonexistent. So thank you for being the room mom, but letting me share in the glory of the title. 🙂  I’ll be co-anything with you from now on.




Powerhouse Park Del Mar

Her husband, not to be left out of the praise-fest, is also a fantastic person who I am so happy to know.

He’s a pediatric cardiologist, and one of the funniest guys I’ve met.

Just looking at this picture of him makes me laugh. I can anticipate another smart ass comment coming right out of his mouth.

And what I love about him? Is after his comments, he NEVER says “I’m just kidding.”

If you don’t get it, too bad.

But I always get it.

And I’m always laughing.


Powerhouse Park Del Mar

Her family was visiting for Thanksgiving, this is her mom.  They are 2 of  a kind.

If I can’t have Caroline as my friend, I’ll take her mom instead.

November 28, 2014255

And her dad. What can I say? He’s just plain cute. And it was obvious his “girls” adored him.

And the best part of this pic? Acadia’s photo bomb. Nice work girl!


So Caroline, I hope you’re in tears, because I brought myself to tears just writing this!
But it is worth it, because what good is it to think this way about someone, and never tell them?

So I’m happy you know how special you are to me, and how much I treasure your friendship.

Now let’s go co-chair some event at school, shall we? 🙂



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  • Caroline DavisOh my goodness … Just for some frame of reference … I’m sitting in the tub with the swine flu feeling quite literally like I want to die (yes, it really is that bad) and I get this – this beautiful, kind, heartfelt, honest and selfless post and yes, the tears are just rushing down my face. The bath is twice as full as it was 10 minutes ago. There is nothing else in the world that i needed so badly at this very moment than such kind words from such a good friend. Thank you – from the deepest part of my heart … THANK YOU for that sweet gift! I know you have a million things to do, and the fact that you took time to write such a beautiful post is beyond thoughtful. You have touched me deeply (twice)!

    Of course, the beauty, sincerity, honesty, and kindness in both your photos and your post are reflective of YOUR amazing personality and of the reasons that I LOVE you my dear! That and your sense of humor – of course YOU are truly one the kindest, most thoughtful, most genuine, generous, and unpretentious (though you have every reason to be) person I know. I am so grateful for our friendship.

    Now that I have composed myself a bit … To be fair just because I’m a complete job hog doesn’t mean your co-ing wan’t important. I’m lost this year without you …. And whenever I start to sh@$ a br$&@ about SAW (which seems to be occurring more and more often) all I have to do is remember that you are in it with me and I can breathe!!! At least we will get to see each other a little more often leading up to that craziness!!!! Let’s do it! XOXOXO my good friend! Thank youReplyCancel

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