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Payton, our youngest daughter, is now a four year old girl, as of 2 weeks ago.

It seems like a turning point.

She’s not a baby. At all. She’s a little girl….growing up fast.  I hate it.

Payton at 4:

Loves dresses, the fancier the better. Tulle, lace, petticoats…bring them on. (as long as they don’t ITCH).  No dress is too fancy for a Monday, for a sandbox, or for washing the car.

Moves at her own speed. God forbid you’re in a hurry. Tell her you have 3 minutes before you need to leave and suddenly there needs to be a dress change, an improvement in the current hairstyle, a search for her favorite baby, and a quick survey of those left in the house over which sweater and which pair of shoes she should wear.

Whenever there is a quick survey, Tom and I don’t worry too much about our responses. The decision is already made, our opinions, although asked for, don’t actually affect the ultimate decision.

Looks like Tom. A dead ringer. But if I watch her, I see my mom.

She’s feisty. She doesn’t negotiate. She’ll do anything for a piece of gum. She gives the best hugs…tight, and hard and never lets go. Needs no less than 15 kisses and hugs before I leave to go to work, leave her in bed for the night, or leave the playroom to go make dinner. She has the whole house running scared because when she can’t find her words she will pinch, or scratch. She would give me a bite, even the last bite, of her favorite food, even dessert, if I asked her to.  We call her baby, and she will always be our baby, even if she gets older than 4 years old, (which she promised not to.)

4 year old girl-kim kelley photo

Watching her bear get filled at her Build A Bear party.

4 year old girl-kim kelley photo

Watching the candles on her cupcakes

4 year old girl-kim kelley photo

Making her “wish” before blowing out the candles. She turned away from the cupcakes, focused, and then whispered (barely) that she wishes for a puppy. Then corrects herself and wishes for a “baby puppy”.

Ugh. How do I resist that???

Daddy Love.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl.

I love you forever and ever and too much.

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