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Well, today was a pretty special day….

Payton got married.

Not sure how it happened.  One minute they were upstairs playing with dolls, and the next thing I know Harper is asking me to carry chairs outside to set up for the wedding.

I didn’t want to carry out chairs. I didn’t want to help them make a mess that I would have to also clean up.

I wanted them to clean up the other messes they had already left throughout the house.

But no way. There was a wedding that was going to happen. And Harper was adamant that I would need to help.

So I carried out a few chairs.

Then I was asked to help carry out the “audience”.

January 04, 20145

Then I watched Harper make name tags for the empty chairs.


wedding party

Then, I waited for the bride.


She came down in a huff. Absolutely furious, because she just caught wind that her “prince” was going to be a doll. The only boy doll we have. So he’s a baby boy doll.

“He’s too tiny!” she screamed at no one in particular.  “And he’s not dressed up at ALL!”

I tried to be helpful. I offered a Ken Barbie doll who actually IS dressed for a wedding. He’d be perfectly dressed, but actually quite a bit smaller.

No go. Still furious.

The girls have a discussion among themselves. Who could be the prince? Who is big enough?


But daddy is not here.

Lots of thinking, thinking, thinking…..

Then I say to Payton, “Is that what you’re wearing for your wedding?” It’s a pink dress. It’s pretty. It’s exactly like Harper’s purple dress that she has on. So she just doesn’t stick out as the bride.

Well, I sure know how to clear a room.

Both girls take off running for the playroom.

I’m left at the altar.


During this time, Tom comes home from the gym.

I warn him he may need to be the prince. He’s ok with it. He asks me if he has to change. I just laugh.

The girls come back down, and the wedding is on.

The bride:

the bride


The flower girl/bridesmaid/officiant/announcer/corrector of everything that goes wrong during the ceremony:

the flower girl

The prince. Totally unprepared for this. Absolutely underdressed.  But a good guy to play along:

Del Mar family photography

I”m the official photographer, of course. So you won’t see me. Thank God.

Let the ceremony begin! This is the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen, by the way.

kim kelley photography San Diego

Flower girl is in hysterics. Not sure why. But  my guess is that probably was not appreciated by the bride. Anticipate chasing, hair pulling, and scratching to ensue later.

first wedding ceremony

Look how giddy they both are to meet at the altar! I’m dying behind the camera! I feel like a REAL wedding photographer!


San DIego photographer, Kim Kelley photo

The vows.


her first wedding

The much anticipated ring exchange.

del mar family photographer

And finally, Harper announces: “The prince and the girl can kiss!”

del mar children photographer

san diego child photographer

kim kelley children photographer

What a happy couple!!! What a fantastic wedding!! May you live happily under the same roof together for the next 13-14 years. But hopefully after that, “the girl” moves out.


Kim Kelley photo

Gotta say…one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Payton’s first wedding.

And even Tom was touched. He said afterwards he should have put on his sportcoat.

Maybe next time…..

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  • Kimberly Haakinson KelleyPayton’s wedding. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Megan Haakinson BrooksAdorable!ReplyCancel

  • MeganSo sad we had to miss her first wedding! ???? Hopefully we make it for the next one. Hahaha! Absolutely love it.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer MacDougallLOVE THIS! Or, as Paloma says, “one day, can WE do that?”ReplyCancel

  • Melissa BThis is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Had to show it to Mark too. Such a special memory—can’t wait for the rehearsal dinner for these photos to resurface. LOVE that 365 is BACK!!ReplyCancel

  • AnnieKim! This is adorable. How special that she married her dad. Precious memory.ReplyCancel

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