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Back to school…..

I’m almost too embarrassed to log on and write something. So much for my project 365.

I think I’ll try it again. Soon. Very soon. I will make it a whole year, but I had to get through summer first. There was just too much going on and too hard to get to a computer to download pics.

I did take a picture every day, I just couldn’t post them. That’s the real challenge here.

So Harper went back to school on Monday. Kindergarten.

There was a “boo hoo” breakfast after the drop off.

Guess who boo hoo’d the longest/loudest/most embarrassingly too long?

That’s right.

I’m not ashamed. (well, yes I am, but I’m also truthful)

That was AFTER Harper cried and begged and grabbed onto me trying to leave her in her classroom.  She was begging for “just one more kiss and hug!” And I heard her teacher saying just go! We’ve got her! Just go! And as I’m trying to make my way out, listening to Harper bawling behind me, I heard another teacher yell “Close the door! Close the door!”    It felt like leaving her in a high security prison cell!  It was awful. So I walked away, and that’s when my breakdown occurred, and I’m trying to tell Payton I’m ok, but failing miserably.

Tom went back and checked on Harper. She was fine. Recovered immediately.

Of course she did .

Meanwhile, I spent all morning feeling exhausted, emotionally drained, and not believing I can do it again the following day.

But Tuesday and Wednesday went fine.

There have been a few requests not to attend Kindergarten.

A few comments about not liking Kindergarten.

But no more tears.

And at the end of the day (which comes at a fast 12:40), there are smiles, stories, and one happy Kindergartner!

Here are a few pics of our trip to Colorado:   (Coming soon…pics from the wedding as well as some recent photo shoots I had around San Diego)

back to school | kim kelley photography

back to school | san diego photographer

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