First Communion

Harper’s First Communion.

It was a long road to get here, but she we made it!

May 16, 2015-37
We had grandparents and Aunt Colleen all come in for the event.

She couldn’t have been more proud!

May 17, 2015-8
Neither could we…..

May 16, 2015-74
She had to do the first year of Faith Formation over summer break last year.  It was like Independent Study, because she started a year late, and wanted to catch up to the other girls her age.

Tom had to work with her to complete the workbook in time. They did about a chapter a week.

It would take about an hour.

(They stayed locked up in our room most of the time. )

There were tears.

There were fighting words.

There were definitely some Non-Catholic type behaviors (from BOTH Tom and Harper).

She “passed” that class and was able to move on to the next class, the 2nd grade class.

She went to Faith Formation class at church every Thursday night the last 8 months.

This was more tolerable….her best friends were in her class.

May 16, 2015-12

But there were still chapters to complete. And posters to make. And verses to memorize. And songs to learn.

May 16, 2015-68
But she did it all.

And amazed all of us with her poise, and grace.

First communion
The dress barely came together. It is my wedding gown, transformed into a dress that would fit her. It had to go back for several alterations, and was finished just 2 days before the service, but we were both so happy she was able to wear something that had some meaning behind it.

First communion
We are so proud of you Harper!

Your First Communion was a huge success, and you are a beautiful little girl, inside and out.


First communion

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