Fighting | Day 16 (project 365)

Yesterday was like any other day….

Everything seems fine, girls are playing well, and then suddenly they are fierce enemies out to kill, if needed, to get what they want, prove a point, or just to piss each other off.

Last night I think it had something to do with…….

oh I have no idea.

Here are some possibilities:

(these are true examples, from the past, eh, 72 hours maybe??)

-someone got more brown sugar in her oatmeal

-someone looked at the others picture that she’s drawing before she gave permission to do so

-someone pinched so hard it left a mark (IF you have  good eyes, a magnifying glass, and a sense of duty as a mother to agree you can see the mark)

-someone hugged me first, and it wasn’t her turn to get the first hug (first hug of the day, first hug after I return from a trip to the grocery store, first hug after I exit the bathroom….you get the idea, it goes on all day long)

-someone got to pick the song we’re listening to, and it’s not her turn

-someone drank more water than she was supposed to

-someone called these scissors but they are tweezers

I mean, the fighting never ends. I think it sustains them. I think without the daily (hourly?) fighting they would get bored. They would run out of things to say to each other. Fighting breathes new life into their relationship. And it gives them continuity in their lives….because whatever they are fighting about today, you can rest assured it will come up again later today or tomorrow or next week.

These fighters? They are like elephants. They never forget what they’ve fought about. And that, is why nothing is ever “fair”.


Here’s Harper after one episode of fighting yesterday. She was not happy that she became my subject for the daily picture.

January 2014 3

Too bad. Consider this your punishment.

Because honestly? Whatever they were fighting about, I don’t know who would have been considered “right or wrong”. Some of this stuff is so inconsequential, it doesn’t deserve to effort it takes to declare a winner.  So if there is no winner (read: victim), there is no punishment for the defendant.

January 2014 2

You got off lucky kid…..

Now go play with your sister or I’ll give you something worth crying about.

Yes. I use that line.

No. It doesn’t work.




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