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favorite toy

Today’s photo for my 30 day challenge was “favorite toy”.

Do they have a “favorite”? That is an excellent question.

If we were fleeing a burning house, what would they grab? Oh forgive me….what would I grab FOR them?

I’m not really sure.

For Payton, maybe the Barbie dream house….stuffed to the top full of barbies?

For Harper, maybe Abby? Her Build-a-Bear German Shepherd? (how did that kid end up with a German Shepherd anyway? Why not a bear??)

The favorite toy seems to change weekly, or daily, or throughout the day.

So for this challenge, I got a picture of Payton with a few things I know she loves. At least today….

We were talking a walk through our neighborhood. In the doll stroller there were 3 dolls, a small stuffed dog, a rubber bouncy ball, a LOT of sand, a diaper bag filled with jewelry, UNO cards, her cellphone, something sparkly she found on the ground last week, and a toy baby spoon (you know, to feed the dolls toy baby food…oops! which we DIDN’T bring on the walk!). All the essentials.

I snapped this picture of her when she was not looking. If she had seen me, she would have snapped the phone closed and collected her things to keep walking. There are NO posed photo shoots allowed along the walk.
So seemingly in private, she had a seat on some strangers walkway, took an awkward looking seat on the ground, parked the babies and “made a call”.

So it may not be her favorite toy, but it’s one of my favorite moments of her with her toys.

(Hi Aunt Leann! 🙂

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  • Leann RobertsHi! Love what you are doing!ReplyCancel

  • MelissaSince you asked, if you were fleeing from a fire, the toy you would bring for your kids is…no toy. A crazy, mostly-over-ripe banana and some pretzels, maybe…BUT, definitely NO toys.

    Teach them to play with a stack of paper.

    (Hope you actually laugh at this post and don’t think that I am just an insensitive jerk).ReplyCancel

    • kimkOMG!!! First of all, didn’t even remember I HAVE fled a fire before! Thanks for reminding me. And I guess you’re right, we didn’t bring any toys. But what has me absolutely floored is, how in the world do you remember that Tom brought an over ripe banana and pretzels? What kind of crazy psycho memory do you have???? I just told Tom what you wrote and he agreed, he did bring those food items to your house. And then he said “Her memory is almost as good as mine.” Now that’s just getting silly…..ReplyCancel

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