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A couple weeks ago we had a quick visit from Tom’s sister and brother in law. They came in from New Orleans to go to a wedding in Laguna Beach, so they spent a few days with us as well.

Luckily, the weekend was gorgeous! So we had lunch at Poseidon in Del Mar and walked the beach afterwards.



March 09, 201443

Of course, as usually happens, the girls directed us to the park to spend some time playing there.

Or in Payton’s case, not so much playing on the equipment, but getting in her cuddles with Aunt Colleen…who is more than happy to oblige.

March 09, 201419

March 09, 201417March 09, 201416

Of course the visit is wonderful, but the goodbye always stinks.

They left early in the morning the next day, before any of us were up.

Harper must have cried for 30 minutes that morning….wanting them back desperately.

We’ll have to hold out til June……see you guys then!


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