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Balboa Park Family Photography

I spent an afternoon at Balboa Park last November capturing a bunch of families, all getting their Christmas portraits in order. They are so smart. There was no last minute shouting at their families that it’s December 15th and therefore the absolute LAST day to get family photos taken in time to print out cards, so therefore drop whatever you’re doing and look cute. There was no searching for a dress that fits your non-stop growing 11 year old minutes before the sun sets and you’re supposed to be taking the photos, only to run out of time the second you finally both agree on an outfit, leaving both parties crying. And no devastated thoughts of “this will have to do” when everyone refuses to cooperate at the photoshoot but you’ve run out of daylight. I only know this might happen, in some unfortunate households, because it’s my life every year. I should take a tip from these well prepared families.

It was a crazy day to be at Balboa. There was some sort of festival going on, so I picked the worst day on the calendar to do this sort of rapid fire photo shoot. I think it was International Fest. I just made that name up, but as I strolled through all the vendors, since I parked at least a mile away from the park, I noticed they all had different countries represented and they were all offering food. Some smelled amazing, some smells seemed to stick to my clothes and burn themselves onto the inner hairs of my nose, so I couldn’t shake them. I am not a fan of crazy cuisine from other countries. I guess I’m picky, but I like to think I’m refined. Anyway, I pushed my way through thick crowds to get to the meeting spot, and started texting all my families to be prepared.  I have the best set of clients. Really. These were all clients I’ve photographed before, and they all got the text and did exactly what I hoped they would do, (not what I said to do, which was have your husband throw you and the kids out of the car on the way past, since those are the most important people I need to make sure I get photos of). They all managed to get there waaay early (including the dads!), so it was a low stress event. My husband and I would never be able to pull that off if we got a text saying traffic and parking is horrendous, be ready.  No, we would read the text, act concerned, then continue to leave late. Then, (I can say this with certainty, as I’ve lived it before, many times) we would arrive, not find parking, be ASTONISHED by the crowds, admit we thought it wouldn’t be THIS bad, and then drive around in circles hoping someone is leaving, which, no one ever leaves. I would start sweating profusely, and I would be forced to stare out the window (eyes averted from the driver). I would try admirably not to make “I told you so” types of comments, because I know they are not helpful, but, as in years past, I would fail. So I would upset Tom with my panicky movements (hand wringing, feet tapping), and my snarky comments, and the girls would start to feel carsick (my cue to ramp up the anxiety).

But I digress, as none of these families had trouble arriving on time, for which I am very thankful.

Families with tweens

If anyone had an excuse to be late, it might be this family. With 2 tweens, I can only imagine getting hair and outfits just perfect before you leave the house is an absolute necessity, but as we all know, usually unattainable.

But they pulled it off, and looked gorgeous to boot….as always. They pride themselves on perfecting the coordinated outfits. If I wanted to further abuse myself, I’d add a link here to show you my own family photo we took when I gave up the fight and allowed everyone to wear their choice of color. Whoops. And THAT is why this family never ceases to amaze me. It’s not only the coordination she achieves on the day of the photoshoot, it’s the shopping that must happen beforehand. And that my friends, is where I mentally check out. So I will continue to have a mismatched family picture, and continue to strive to be more like this family. Both in outfits, and in punctuality.


family with tweens at the parkB&W of tween girls in dark shirts at the organ paviliontween girl with braces sitting in the park looking over her shouldertween girl in blue shirt hanging onto a treetween girl with chin in her hand smilingtween girl against a pillar with hands wrapped around her kneestween sisters at the park near a pillarfamily photo between pillars with fall colors behind themSan Diego Family Portraits

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