Family Photos with Golden Doodle Puppy


Family Photo Session with Golden Doodle Puppy

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Photoshoot with puppy

Yes. Love it. Sign me up anyday. I love a good round of photos with a puppy. I may draw the line with the canine family though. I have done a photoshoot for my friends cats before, that was like nailing jello to a tree. And I’ve tried to capture cute photos of our bunny, also difficult due to the weird placement of their eyes. I did a whole “girl scouts visit the humane society” photo shoot as well, and as fun as that was, it was also hard work.  But puppies? I’ll take em.

This little pup was brand new, not even allowed to go out for walks yet, since he hadn’t completed his shot series. So we all were very protective of him. And as much as he wanted to get down and go crazy rolling around in the leaves and dirt, he was pretty much carried the entire time. It was beyond adorable. And these two lucky kids were over the moon. Made me very sad for my own two kids who are dying for a puppy. But then I thought about all the work involved with getting a puppy, and my sadness vanished.

Take a look at this gorgeous family and their equally photogenic fur baby. And tell me you don’t want to jump in your car and head to the nearest pet adoption center!


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