Family photos with 2 young girls at Poway Park

Family Photography Session At Sunset

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Old Poway Park

I love taking clients to Old Poway Park for their sessions. There is so much variety with all the different backgrounds there. It looks like we traveled all over San Diego taking the different shots, but they are all within this one park. It is quite a busy place though. I’ve set up photo sessions only to find out once we meet there at the scheduled time that there is a wedding, or a family reunion, or a movie in the park. Once we even stumbled into a re-creation of the pioneer days and people had spent 1-2 nights there camping out in the park and living like pioneers. Luckily, we came on the day it ended, so all the pioneers were packing up and heading back to electricity. I would have hated to trample over peoples living quarters and eating areas just to get the photos I wanted. (But, I would have!)

Repeat Photo Sessions

I am so thankful when my clients come back year after year. I love watching the babies grow into little people and see how they change. I also love how when they get a little older and I start to see them more than once a year (like if they have a new baby in the family) they start to remember me and they start out shy, but it doesn’t last long. I can usually get most of my toddler clientele to have fun and enjoy the session. They even forget I have a camera in front of my face and just go nuts putting on a show for me!

This family below encompasses everything wonderful about family photo sessions. It helps that she’s a friend of mine from work, so I see her more often than some other clients. And my kids always beg to “babysit” her kids, so we see them for that too, but it’s always a treat to meet up with the whole family, all dressed up, and spend an hour together.  When you scroll through the photos you’ll get to a picture where the baby stands alone for the first time, and the spontaneous reaction from mom. It’s one of my most favorite photos I’ve captured of all time! So cute!

Enjoy the photos….and don’t forget to book your own family session…who knows what I may capture for you! 🙂




family with 2 young girls sitting on a fence in the parkYoung family of 4 with little girls in the parkblonde toddler in white dress and jean jacketblonde blue eyed baby girl photoshootblonde blue eyed baby girl photoshoot in front of trainbaby and girl and daddy smiling at each otherblonde toddler smiling at photoshootblonde toddler serious expression at photoshoottwo blonde little girls looking at each other in the parkblonde blue eyed baby girl photoshoot


parents with young daughters in the park photoshoot

family in park with baby girl standing for the first timeblonde haired toddler twirling in dress on train tracks2 year old girl in white dress and jean jacket on train tracksblonde haired sisters sitting together on a bridge

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