Family + pets photography session

A family + pets photography session sounds redundant to anyone who loves their pets. The pets ARE family, so why single them out?  Well, I apologize to your fur babies.  Yes, they are family, but when you are setting up your photography session I want to hear that some of your family walks on 4 legs!

This family did just that, I was warned ahead of time about the family + pets, and I appreciate that. When some members of your family would like to dive into the wave headfirst and ruin their recent shampoo and grooming, or dig uncontrollably in the sand only to take off sprinting after a bird runs past, I need to know these things! When I say babies are hard to photograph, I’m not even comparing it to families with pets!

These dogs did really well though. I just told the people to keep smiling and looking at the camera, and I shot probably hundreds of photos, hoping that the baby and the dogs would eventually all be looking at me. My method worked pretty well, and I think they are happy with their family photos. 🙂


Family + pets photography



sunset photo of dad and baby


baby girl on beach with big bow on her head


mother and daughter on beach at sunset


Family + pets photography session

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