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It’s time again for another “everyday moments” capture, and I see I’ve only posted one other blog in between now and last months edition! These pictures will kind of explain it all….

It’s been a hectic few weeks with Thanksgiving, my oldest daughter’s birthday, parties, Christmas sing-a-longs, and lots of visitors from out of town! I didn’t really have time to sit down, let alone blog about anything!

But today I’m going to share some special moments we had while my dad and his wife were visiting.

My girls have a really wonderful relationship with both sets of grandparents, and it fills me with pride and makes me feel so blessed when I watch them together.

While Gramps and Nana Kathy were in town we got down to the beach for some photos so I could try out my new lens, and they also got down and dirty with cookie baking/decorating.

It was a great visit…..and really got us in the spirit of Christmas!

Working hard! (quick taste of the flour…making sure she’s not missing out on something yummy all over her hands, arms, face….)

Picking shapes with Nana Kathy….what is that pumpkin shape doing out there???

Picking out their favorites with Gramps

One of my favorite pictures…the girls doing what they do best! (ignoring the camera)

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