End of school beach party | La Jolla Beach Photography

Here are the “End of School beach party” photos.  This happened not quite a month ago. The day after the last day of school we all met up at La Jolla Shores for our annual party.

It actually became bi-annual this year. Last year it was just a “back to school beach party”, but this year, since it was so much fun, we decided to have an “end of school’ as well as a “back to school”  party!

We are really perfecting the details of how to run this gig. Look for me on Pinterest! (just kidding, I am no where near pinterest quality, but it is still a good party).

Set up starts at 7am with Denise. We haul as much crap to the beach as we can fit in my car, and we reserve our space on the grass by the playground. Then we head off to the best breakfast in town! We also need to mark off space for the volleyball court. This was an offer by Dave last year, to bring his volleyball stuff and set it up, one I scoffed at. Who was going to play volleyball?? really?? Do we really need it?   Quickly put in my place minutes after kids started arriving. EVERYONE wants to play volleyball! We had to kick off strangers and get them off the court everytime our kids came back from the water, ready to play. So now, the volleyball court is also part of the biannual tradition.

We’ve got the caterer all set too. I tried this year to offer other options. Other caterers, or just taco trucks to buy there if you wish. Or maybe even bring your own? Oh no.  No one wants to bring their own. And with the awesome food Belinda serves, why would we try anyone else? So that has become the go to food as well.

We got THE most beautiful day, and the water was actually warm. I was worried for a while when no one was coming to get food from Belinda (and pay me back for the deposit I already paid!) because they all stayed in the water for hours. But eventually they got hungry enough to drag themselves away from the ocean to come eat.

It was an awesome afternoon and we ended with a s’mores feast, as is tradition.

See y’all in a few weeks for the “back to school” portion of this non stop summer party!


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