It was a long time ago.

But these pictures are too cute to pass up.

April 05, 20153 Bora Bora

Who better to share Easter morning with than your very own cute little Easter bunny?

Although, I think he’d prefer NOT to in the basket. But he’s a good sport, and stayed in there until he got closer to the ground.
April 05, 201522 Bora Bora

Here’s the actual hunt.

We went to church extremely early this day (7:30. Ugh), to miss the crazy CEO crowd at 9:00. (CEO= Christmas and Easter Only church goers. Of which I am ALMOST a proud member of.) But to get to church at that time, and then come back all together, we had to do some fast talking about why the Easter bunny had not visited our house yet.

We kind of threw the bunny under the bus (The real Easter bunny, not our own).  We said he was not as organized or efficient as Santa, so sometimes he had to keep visiting houses late into the morning, and kids were advised to stay out of sight in case he sees you and avoids your house.

Well, it was a pretty horrible lie that bounced back and forth between Tom and I. Don’t they say if you want to be believable, don’t embellish your lie with a lot of details? Clearly, we don’t take advice well, and there were A LOT of details. Stuff about our neighbors houses taking too long and having yards that were hard to get into, about bunny helpers being sick and so the main bun was short handed and overworked, about old bunny stories from we were kids and how we remember having to wait for him to show up….but they bought it. So I conned them upstairs and helped them out of their dresses while Tom threw eggs all over the yard.
April 05, 201512 Bora Bora

Special note to pay attention to Harper’s imitation of Farah Fawcett hair. Kind of a stretch. But also a good interlude to work this into the story….

Tom’s dream girl was Farah Fawcett. When he was taking so long to get married a favorite question would be”Who are you waiting for? Farah Fawcett?” And her name even made into a speech at our rehearsal dinner.   This story isn’t really going anywhere, but I wanted to make sure that tidbit of information is not lost, and is actually spread far and wide through the wonders of technology.
April 05, 201510 Bora Bora
We lied again, and said Cookie hung out with the Easter bunny when he stopped by to hide eggs.


Because if you have 2 bunnies, of course they know each other and are friends!

So here is Harper, asking him for help to find the last remaining eggs.

April 05, 20157 Bora Bora

Couldn’t leave this gem out.

Here is Harper, before the hunt, not looking very happy.

You would think I just told her the egg hunt has been called off.

But what I really told her? Please wait for 2 minutes while I go get my coffee before you start. So that I can have my coffee AND take pictures.

Obviously, I was asking too much.

Please note: The green egg on top of the blackboard behind Harper. Great hiding Tom!
And also note, the bunny back in the basket. And most importantly, HIS face, which looks about as pissed off as Harper’s. As if he’s thinking,
“Why the hell am I back in this basket???”

April 05, 20155 Bora Bora
A successful Easter it would appear.

Happy Easter everyone…til next year.

April 05, 201518 Bora Bora

April 05, 201523 Bora Bora

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