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A few years ago I lied to the girls for a cute little trick, and now it’s become an annual tradition.

They plant a few jellybeans in our yard on the night before Easter, and on Easter morning the jellybeans have grown into fancy lollipops.

So here we are today, tilling the dirt, hoeing the ground, prepping the soil, moving the bark out of the way, and digging tiny holes.


Easter magic

Easter magic
Can you see the beans?

At this stage in the planting we had a brief intermission for a two girl screaming fit (that came off sounding like at least 6 girls!) because a worm was unearthed and had a typical worm reaction.

Flipped around like a crazy worm all over the beans and the surrounding dirt.

In the girls defense, the screaming was legit….that worm looked like he might get enough air and make it up to face level and god forbid touch someones skin!

So I scooped him up (with a toy shovel of course. No false acts of bravery just because my kids are watching me), and flung him far, far away.

Then the planting resumed.

April 19, 201495


April 19, 201498
Harper mentioned to me the other day these beans only grow on Easter day. It must be Easter magic.

Until then I hadn’t realized she had tested this theory out several times. So this was a semi-confession.

Yep, the little scientist proved it doesn’t work on days other than Easter day. AND, it doesn’t work to plant other types of candy either.

Maybe I should REALLY till up that part of the garden…see what all has been planted over the years. (and failed to grow).

April 19, 2014102

Now it’s time to take a quick break from looking at their sweet faces and innocent acts of digging to really register what Payton has going on with her footwear.

April 19, 201493
Hashtag nylons
April 19, 201494
Both feet.

These are those little foot sized pieces of cut up pantyhose they give you to try on shoes. She stole those from me earlier today when I was handed them to try on some shoes at a shop. I never actually used them. So she helped herself.

According to her: Comfy, soft, pretty.

According to me: Hideous, throw them out NOW, what am I teaching you about fashion?  Don’t carry these lessons with you.

April 19, 2014106

Mission accomplished.

Now it’s up to me to remember to go back out there tonight and plant some lollipops!

(oh yeah, and dig up the seeds beans. Last year they dug around themselves and found at least one. LOTS of suspicious questions followed that morning. Not letting that happen again!)


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