You can expect a typical shoot to last about an hour.
Add more time for newborns (about 3-4 hours), because they need extra time off for feedings, changing diapers, etc.
Keep in mind, the younger crowd gets bored quickly, so we may only have 30-60 minutes before the imminent melt down.

I do bring bubbles and balloons and various silly faces, but if they are over it, they are over it. Shoot is done.

Try to schedule when your know your child is well rested, happy, and has a full tummy. Don’t push to get him to smile and be happy when you know you’re nearing nap time.

Try to keep all toys and food in the car, far from the shoot. They quickly become distractions and obsessions and do not make for good pictures.

The best outdoor lighting is typically in the early morning and early evening/late afternoon.
Newborns-get them in as soon as possible! I like to photograph newborns when they are around 6-14 days old, so book the shoot during the last month of your pregnancy and I can be flexible if your delivery date changes and the appointment needs to be moved up/back.

Your gallery will be ready for viewing and purchasing about 2-3 weeks after the session. I will come to your house and meet with you and your husband to decide which packages and images you would like to purchase. I like to do it at your house because we can actually walk around and look at walls, dimensions, colors, and pick the perfect layout and frames for your beautiful new artwork!  The remainder of your balance (minus the $200 retainer fee you pay upfront) will be due at that time. I do have payment plans if that interests you.

I can’t wait to meet you and your family!


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