Del Mar Beach Senior Photography

High school senior girls are some of THE best clients I have.

Don’t get me wrong, I love love love  the babies and all their folds and wrinkles and curly little toes and fingers.

And I have always said the 6-18 month crowd is my absolute favorite, because they are just cute, regardless of what they are doing, or what they are not doing (NOT looking at my camera), they are just stinking cute.

But, those age groups take work! The newborn shoots are no less than 3 hours. And the house must be 80 degrees, so I’m literally sweating during the shoot.   And the new walkers are testing out their balance, and sometimes they fall, sometimes unfortunately on their face.  If I’m really unlucky, they are already stable walkers, often runners, so I may need to sweat a little during those shoots too.

But senior girls? Puh-lease. All I have to do is pull my camera out of my bag and they are challenging themselves to strike the best pose, one after another, and I don’t even have to ask. They have mastered the hair flip, the upward glance, the coy peek over their shoulder, the pouty lip sideways stare, and they come up with moves and looks I couldn’t even think to suggest.

These are clients who WANT to look amazing, and they make it easy on me.

This gorgeous stunner was no exception. We met up on evening in Del Mar and had a blast. She and her mom were so much fun! They were open and agreeable to all my suggestions. They were funny, and they were appreciative. The all around perfect client!

Her mom contacted me after I delivered the photos.

She told me when they presented all the photos to her dad, he cried.

It doesn’t get any better than that….


senior girl photos Del Mar Beach | Del Mar High School Senior Photography

Del Mar high school senior photography


senior girl photos Del Mar Beach


high school senior girl

senior girl leaning backwards

Del Mar high school senior girl photographer



senior girl photos Del Mar Beach

senior girl photos Del Mar Beachsenior girl photos Del Mar Beachsenior girl splashing in the oceansenior girl photos Del Mar Beach


Whether you are another gorgeous senior girl….or a mother with a roly-poly newborn or you’re chasing around a lightening fast toddler…don’t let these days slip by without documenting the moments!  Email or call me today to book your appointment!

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