Del Mar concerts at Powerhouse Park

Del Mar concerts at powerhouse park….it’s a summer thing.

I was thinking about them the other day as I was unpacking lunch boxes, and sorting homework, and sweating to death in the kitchen.

Why are the concerts and beach events over now? Now that it’s 85 degrees outside and I’m actually LOOKING for a 65 degree body of water to jump into?

It’s so sad that school is back in session (well, that comment needs some clarification. I’m not REALLY sad, I’m actually ecstatic, but I’m sad at this very moment when I feel like going to the beach and I have no kids to take there with me. )

It seems like summer was already over so long ago! It’s only been 2 weeks, but it seems like I should start counting down the days til it’s summer break again.


I’d love to get back to the beach and have picnics on the grass while the band plays and the kids play and the cocktails flow….

Del Mar concerts at Powerhouse Park

Chris and his wife Wendy and their daughter Charlotte know how to bring the party.

Tom and I used to bring waters and a box of pizza to the concerts.

Now we eat real home cooked food off of a real wooden table, and we drink pink drinks, shaken, not stirred, out of real martini glasses.

Glass allowed on the beach? I think on concert nights they make an exception.


Del Mar concerts at Powerhouse Park

Everyone is happy.

Everyone is sun drenched from playing on the beach all day.

Everyone enjoys the sunset.

Everyone is making plans for the next concert before the current one even ends.

Del Mar concerts at Powerhouse Park

Del Mar child photographer


Del Mar family photographer


North County Child and family photographer

And having a 4 hour stretch when your kids are happy and playing together and not demanding your attention?

THAT is worth the price of admission. (which is free by the way. This is a public beach after all. )


Del Mar child photographer

We have one more concert before summer officially is over….according to the Del Mar summer concert series.

It’s this Sunday.

You better believe I will get there early, stay late, and drink my fair share of pink cocktails. Or whatever color Wendy happens to mix up.

Because none of us are quite ready for summer to end.

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