Day 6 project 365{San Diego Photography-newborn, child, family.}

Day 6  Project 365.

Wow. Not even a week yet and I’m feeling exhausted by the effort? Will I make it another 51 weeks?

Yes. Yes I will. I can’t promise my pictures will look great, or my comments will be witty, but I will press on.

My project may end up being Project 350-ish, but even if I miss a day or two, I am really pouring my heart into this.

Here is Payton, sliding down a wet slide in the backyard. This picture was taken 2 seconds before I had to throw the camera down and pick up a screaming, crying, furious child because a wet slide makes for a fast ride and when the ride ends, it ends hard, with her booty taking the fall…. as it were.

There was some bruised ego, and some bruised booty.

BUT! The before picture is pretty cute. Makes me think roller coaster and “just finished my gymnastics routine” pose.

Day 6  project 365-kim kelley photo

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