Day 1: Project 365

Day one of Project 365.

I’m doing it differently this time. Because I am hoping to make it the whole year this time!

I will take a picture every day, yes.

But probably, I will post once a week. I’ll post all 7 pictures at once. That’s probably the only way I can keep up.

And I have some themes this time around too.

I will try to do a day of food, a day of using my macro lens, and a day of including myself into the photo.

I just printed off my blog posts from 2012 and 2013 and made them into books. There’s are 2 great companies who do it for you, so I tried them both out, and will see who looks better with the finished product.  My goal is to not only print out my blogs (of family stuff only), so I have memories of the crazy stuff that happens each year, and pictures to go along with it. But also to print out all the pics from the 365 project.

So here it is.

Day 1.

Caught some shots of the girls up in the “woods” as they call it. The landscaping up on the hill above the retaining wall in our backyard. I put up a swing in the corner on the biggest tree, and now they love foraging up there, making their way to the swing, and then battling over who gets to swing and for how long.

They devised a plan today. One swings while the other person counts to 40. Then they switch. Harper though, figured out that if she talked a lot before she started counting, and after she was done counting, she got a lot  more swing time. And poor Payton just waited patiently (well, patiently for Payton’s standards) while Harper thought of things to talk about and burned up more time on the swing.

One day Payton….one day…..

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