Date night + kids

Date night + kids

It’s a lot cheaper than paying for a babysitter and going out to dinner.

And it’s a lot more fun when you’re with this crowd!

We were supposed to have a date night with friends a few weeks ago, but they called last minute and asked could we change the plans and eat dinner at their house instead?

We were fine with that, and I offered to make a salad.

We walked down to their house with my itty bitty salad and arrived to find another couple there with their 3 kids and their grandparents too who were visiting from out of town!

Whoops! Cue embarrassed speech about pathetic attempt at salad….

San Diego family photographer

The kids hit it off immediately!

Who says blonde hair is not a dominant trait?!

San Diego family photographer

And Harper had her hands full (self imposed) with this little guy.

I’m sure he was thinking “I survive every day with 2 older brothers who run me over, I don’t need some 7 year old girl carrying me around!”

Yet, she barely ever left his side.


San Diego family photographer


I had a new lens I was borrowing for the week, so I bothered the hell out of these kids and was all over their business sticking a camera in their face.

They adored me.

Some couldn’t stop posing for me….

Child photographer San Diego

 Del Mar Child photographer

Luckily the little one didn’t know any better, so when I came around him, he actually made eye contact.

Loved him.

San Diego Child photographer

Child photographer Del Mar

Date night….

Not quite the same as it was 8 years ago.

But sometimes, it’s better.

And next time….I promise a salad that is up to the challenge.


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