Darling 2 year old boy | Beach photo session

I met this sweet family a year ago when we got together to take Max’s 1 year old photos. That was a fun photo session, and it was ALLLL about Max, which I just loved.  (Meaning: the parents did not want to be in any of the photos, so there was no pressure for group shots, set ups, everyone looking in the same direction. Just me and Max. )

We met in Marian Bear park and the setting was gorgeous. It was fall, with a beautiful sunset, and crisp, colorful leaves. What’s not to love?

Well, I’ll tell you, Max’s dad did NOT love that he got poison oak from climbing all around in that shrubbery! His legs were littered with welts and he had to visit his doctor for some high dose steroids to stop the pain/itch. Whoops! My only good thoughts about this were thank goodness I didn’t plop baby Max into that spot! I might have given up on photography AND medicine right there on the spot if I had been responsible for a crime like that.

Flash forward a year from then, we meet at the beach for Max’s 2 year old photos. Sounds MUCH safer. Their choice. Obviously. I don’t think I can force Max’s dad into harms way on the beach.

Here’s is the darling 2 year old boy in all his glory.

2 year old boy on the beach

2 year old boy on Torrey Pines Beach with red and white sailboat

Toddler on the beach | San Diego

Boy on beach with sailboat


darling 2 year old boy2 year old boy on the beach with starfishtoddler on beach at sunsetmax-kelly-2016-9darling 2 year old boymax-kelly-2016-3max-kelly-2016-1

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