The cutest part of the Superbowl | Kim Kelley Photography

The game was a joke.

I am a huge Bronco fan, growing up in Boulder.

My children have been brainwashed into being Saints fans first, Bronco fans second.

So we had high expectations for the Superbowl.

We had some Bronco fans over, and of course, the token Seahawk fans too, just to make it interesting.

After 15 minutes, this little girl was the only interesting thing to watch in my house.

This is my friends little girl. She’s just a tad bit younger than the rest of the girls at the house that night, so when they started doing older girl stuff, she found some other “friends” to entertain her.


Cutest thing ever.

February 02, 20141


And now, forgive me Kelli, but I can’t let this next photo escape the blog.

It’s too good.

And in her defense, I TOTALLY remember doing this too when I was a kid.

And by the way, much older than she is now.


Take a look…..she has a runny nose.


February 02, 20148

Come on!

She’s 3.

She’s busy playing.

And she has no earthly idea where tissues are located in my house.

Just don’t keep looking at her….you’ll start to feel sick.

(sorry Kel!)



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  • Kelli Shannoni should have just been following her around with a tissue instead of watching that stupid game! thankfully the snacks were great though! thanks for exploiting my child though. : )ReplyCancel

  • Mandy Hustad-LageWhat a doll!ReplyCancel

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