Couture dresses on loan for little girls photo shoot


Little girls in fancy dresses

I’ve found a new niche in photography! I love this idea, I guess it remains to be seen if there is a need for this in my community, but I hope there is, because I absolutely love it!

It started with maternity dresses. I want to have a selection of dresses to be used by my pregnant clients, and I’m slowly building my collection and have had a great response. Then I thought about doing the same for little girls. When my own daughters were younger I spent a lot of money on fancy dresses for them. They loved to dress up, so the dresses were not exclusively for photoshoots, but also for preschool, for playdates, for Legoland, and spaghetti dinners at Sammy’s. They got trashed. But I loved how they looked in them. There is a precious little boutique in Del Mar called SweetPea and we kept them in business the first several years of our daughters lives. That’s where I learned about couture dresses for little girls. I wish I still had some of them, but in truth, they would have been too worn out to ever use again. Recently I discovered a few companies with both rentals and sales options, and I’ve been going a bit crazy. I’ve increased my collection of little gowns by 200% and my guest room closet can no longer close. They are so puffy! Add to that the 2 petticoats I bought, and all the new flower crowns that just arrived. Tom is looking at me like I’ve lost my mind. But I’m in heaven actually, and couldn’t wait to use some of this stuff, so I gathered friends with little girls and we had a dress up/photo party!

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If this looks like a photoshoot you wish you had done, contact me to set it up! I have a variety of sizes so far, but am always looking for a reason to diversify my collection! 🙂  Although the outfits are not as numerous, I can still include the little gentlemen in your lives. I’ve been seeing some cute bowties, suspenders, and pageboy caps that I can be convinced to purchase if I just find a little boy to use them on.

Whether you want a fancy shoot for future Christmas photos, or just gorgeous photos to frame on your wall, this opportunity is a no fail option! Depending on the desire, I might add an option for hair as well! However, shout out to my model moms, they did a fabulous job on their own and their girls came looking like they just came from a salon themselves…impressive ladies!

telling secrets in couture dresses on a farm cart

shy little girl in big fluffy white dressblue eyed girl with flower crowngreen eyed girl with flower crownpretty girl in dress with flowersfancy dress on little girllittle girl in big white dress on bridgeB&W laughing girl with flower crownlittle girl in fancy dress on bridgesisters all dressed upfour little girls all dressed up in couture dresses on a bridgetwirling in fancy dressgirls in couture dresses walking barefoot on railroad trackslittle girls hugging in fancy dressesbig white dress on little girl on railroad trackscouture dresses on 3 little girls on railroad tracksbaby in fancy dress in woods, barefoot
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