Coronado beach photoshoot

Girls photoshoot in front of the Del In Coronado

Here are some of the photos from our staycation to Coronado for my birthday. Tom surprised me (and the kids, because you can’t tell them a secret in advance and expect me not to know about it 10 minutes later!) and told us to pack up, we’re going somewhere for my birthday weekend.

Heading south on I-5 instead of north limited the possibilities of where we were going. We quickly passed the exit to La Jolla which is where we usually go. But we did have a great staycation in Paradise point last year, and one downtown in a super swanky hotel that the girls couldn’t stop raving about, so I figured it was one of those.  We kept on going past both of those, and it became obvious it was Coronado.

We grabbed some breakfast at our favorite spot and checked into the Hotel Del.  Tom seemed super content to lounge around in the room for a while and read the paper. The girls were getting antsy to explore, so I told him I’d take them out and walk around. Suddenly he says, why don’t we go ice skating? The Del sets up an outdoor ice rink during December, so it was just a quick walk downstairs. I was surprised that roused him off the bed so fast, but we all headed out.

As we’re walking towards the ice rink, the girls start shouting and running. They spot one of their best friends, walking through the crowd outside the hotel! Suddenly I spot one of MY best friends, walking with her, along with her whole family! What the hell? They just “happened” to be driving home, and decided to stop off and ice skate. (driving home? From Tijuana? Sketchy story). Who cares. Let’s do it!

We are getting out on the rink, trying to remember how to skate (well, most of us, Payton is showing off all she’s learned after a year and a half of lessons), when we start laughing at this boy who keeps falling down. I watch him fall 3 times in a row and go over to help him stand and get to the wall. He starts talking and sounds SO familiar. I pull off his hat and yell “Jakey?!?!” Sure enough! Here is ANOTHER kid that belongs to one of my besties! I yell in his face: “Jakey! Where is your mom?????”.   She’s over on the side putting on her skates with the rest of HER family! I can’t even handle this I’m so beyond happy! I skate over to Tom and give him a huge hug and kiss and thank him for surprising me with all these awesome people. The kids are loving it, I’m loving it, I can’t think of anything more perfect. We skate for an hour or two and head off the rink, where I run into the 3rd, and last, fabulous set of friends. It’s beyond comprehension how giddy I am. We all go to dinner and the kids get their own table so everyone but the waitress enjoys themselves immensely. We  then let the kids go crazy with the Del snow days activities. It was a super fun night, and the best birthday I can remember having for quite a while.

The next day I took the girls out to grab some photos on the beach. Happy birthday to me. 🙂




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