Cookies | Day 22 (365)

So my friend Krystal is quite the baker.

We work together. Both of us are nurse practitioners at the hospital. When we first met we did the “how long you been a nurse practitioner blah de blah” conversations. And somehow, we started talking about what we would be doing if we weren’t PNPs.

I would be a photographer. She would be a baker.

So how ironic that I am now about to post, on my photography blog, about her baking skills.

She is the girl that bakes cupcakes that look like they stepped off of Food Network Celebrity Bake Off…and won.

She is the one who has a Pinterest board filled with cookies, cupcakes and brownies that are no less than 999 calories per 1/2 serving.

She is the one that almost caused me to rename my own Pinterest board, called “Make me this” and change it to “Krystal: Make me this”. The only thing holding me back is she likes the sweet stuff. She bakes. There is no savory in her repertoire. Forget the grill and the proteins. This girl is all about sugar and flour.

So one day, my other friend Amy and I stumbled upon a recipe that takes an already decadent chocolate chip cookie recipe, and before you bake them, you slip a Ghiradelli chocolate covered caramel square IN-SIDE the cookie, and then you bake it.

Oh hell  no.

It was the end of a long work day, the cookies looked spectacular, we were hungry for anything at that point, and we were ballsy enough to tell Krystal to make them.  We were disgusting, really. Fawning all over the computer screen, mopping the drool escaping onto our chins, talking about how many we would eat when Krystal makes them for us.

Then, quickly forgotten, we moved on to other pinterest searches….like wedding dresses for Amy, or how to remove a 10 year old stain from jeans that don’t even fit me anymore, or how to spend an entire day prepping food for 20 crockpot meals my family will never eat….you know, typical Pinterest fare.

I sent her the recipe via Pinterest. And never spoke of it again.

Then Tuesday, she sends me a Facebook message. She has a picture of the cookies, baked in a deep dish brownie pan. And they look amazing….

I lament that I won’t be at work til Thursday, and there probably won’t be any left. I consider going in to work on my off day.

I make the mistake of stating on FB that they are all for me.

I get blasted on FB with comments from other friends who promise to eat every single cookie until there is not one tiny crumb, just to prove their point: that I am not the controller of Krystal’s cookies.

But Krystal is a good friend, and she understands that deep down, these cookies called to me, to eat them, and she was the vector needed to get us to each other. So there is no way she can bake these cookies, and not save me one.

She saves me 5.

Until someone who has not seen the FB posts, but smells the chocolate as she passes by, asks her for one.

So now I’m down to 4.

And then someone asks me for one.

Now I’m at 3 .

And then I finally get to eat mine.

Down to 2.

The two of them (barely) sucessfully make it to my house.

I heat one up on a plate and cut it in half and present it like an olympic trophy to my girls.

They appear to be a little bit hysterical over the look of the cut in half cookie. Because of course the caramel is oozing out, and they’ve never seen a cookie ooze before. But they’ve never been known to say no to a cookie…oozing or otherwise.

So they bombard me with questions, never taking their eyes off the cookies.

Who made these cookies?  (a friend from work)

Sarah? (No, her name is Krystal)

Ooooohhhhh!! I love that name!  (I’ll let her know)

Can we have more? (No, have that first, you haven’t even touched it yet)

IS there more? (No. Enjoy it. That’s it)

What’s the gooey stuff? (caramel. Just eat it already!!)

OOOOHHHHH!!!! YUMMY!!!!  (why don’t you TRY It already?!?!)

Ok. How did the caramel get in there? (eat it.)

Ok. yummy.

And then finally, they try the first bite.

I have never seen so much restraint when it comes to desserts…..are these children related to me? Really? I might punch Tom in the face if he tried to come between me and an oozing cookie .

But after the first bite, they don’t talk anymore. At all.

Oh my.

See for yourself.

cookie tester- San Diego photographer

My mouth just started watering again….

pinterest cookies- Del Mar Photographer

Payton concentrating on every crumb. Slowest. eater. ever. Not a problem, unless it’s a melty cookie, and I have to watch her kill it.

North County Coastal San Diego family photographer

Short break to mop up some of that goo.

cookies with caramel

Uhhhh yes…..we see you licking.

caramel cookies

Thank you Krystal.

I actually think formal, written, Thank You cards are in order.

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  • Krystal HogeHaha, you’re welcome!!! I love the photos 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jan Haakinson HopkinsI bet they were mouth-watering good!ReplyCancel

  • Mary MalinowskiMy dear friend KIm actually sacrificed one of those cookies to give to me – it was…amazing, I didn’t speak either – Thank you Kim, and thank you Krystal, well done.ReplyCancel

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