Cold Showers—worth it?

Imagine this model pulled a chain and cold water splashed all over her….in slow motion….ring any bells? Who here is too young to remember that scene in Flashdance? If you are too young, don’t tell me. I will enjoy my memories and my age in peace.

Anyway, this is not about how old I am, but instead, how I can (and you can!) combat some of the effects of aging, and it’s easy! And free!

Has anyone researched about the health benefits of a cold plunge? Do you even know what I’m talking about? They seem to be taking off in popularity lately but they’ve been around for centuries in other countries. It is basically a small plunge pool that is kept around 40-55 degrees. Chilly no?

Sorry. I couldn’t NOT post that after talking about freezing cold water. I’ll do my best to keep the rest of this blog at a higher maturity level.

Anyway, I wanted to BRIEFLY since I know you are busy, tell you about the benefits (there are many) of a cold plunge. And since 99% of us will not be able to find a plunge pool at that temperature, I’ll tell you how to use your shower instead! Cold showers help your nervous system manage stress better. They can also help improve the condition of your skin and hair. Since taking a cold shower benefits mental alertness, it’s an excellent way to get an edge on your day.

You can take a cold shower in the morning or the night, doesn’t matter. You can start out with hot to warm to lukewarm to cold….or you can go straight into cold if you’re able. It can last from 30 seconds to 10 minutes…again, whatever you can tolerate. A cold shower is any temp lower than 70 degrees. I have it in my head that the colder the better, but I actually haven’t seen that published anywhere. I do know that the cold plunges are kept below 60 degrees, so I would aim for that cold. Whatever “that cold” is, I imagine it’s somewhere between “I’d rather not be doing this” and “This really, really sucks”. If you feel that, you’re probably at the right temperature.

Here are some exciting proven health benefits of cold showers:

1.Get the gunk out–contraction of your lymph vessels, otherwise pretty stagnant, helps flush the waste out of the area. Stirs up toxins, gets them out of there!

2. Give your heart a boost–by improving circulation we can improve heart health, enhance mental performance, boost the immune system, speed metabolism and develop more strength and energy

3. Helps with aches and pains–feeling stiff and sore all the time? Or only after a workout? Regular cold showers or even a cold plunge after a workout will help by decreasing muscle inflammation!

4. Makes you happy–feeling depressed? Go jump in the ocean! Proven to boost neurotransmitters that can help with feeling down!

5. Aids in weight loss–amen. Get that metabolism going please! I can handle a little frigid water for that cause!

6. Better hair and skin–what? Yes! That cold shock will reduce the size of your pores and tighten your skin. It will prevent excess oil that can lead to greasy hair or breakouts. It also stimulates hair follicles, increasing hair thickness and length.

7. Calms itchy skin–this one is kind of funny. Your nerves can’t transmit two signals at the same time, so your skin can’t be itchy AND cold. So for some temporary relief from hives, eczema or another cause, hop in the ice bath!

Have I convinced you? Go get in a cold shower!

Conditioning your brain and your body to accept, endure and embrace cold water immersion may be challenging, but the cold shower benefits to your health are well worth it. You will begin to feel healthier and happier and even experience some aesthetic benefits in shinier, longer hair and a brighter complexion.

Even if you begin with a quick cold water shower that lowers your skin temperature only briefly, the results can be dramatic. So consider the health benefits of cold showers, whether it’s for an extra dose of energy during the day or long-lasting change for the future.

Something to think about before your upcoming boudoir session too! ?

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