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It’s November 2nd. Time to think about Christmas pictures.

Seems early right? Well, it’s not actually. When you think about the 4 weekends in November, one of them  is already over. Another one will be consumed with turkey and football. So we have 2 weekends in November, and maybe one in December.

Suddenly, it’s December 7th. You have no picture for your Christmas card. But it’s too late to get professional pictures. They are booked til Dec 20th.

You need to order your Christmas cards today.

You set up the tripod.

The kids are hungry.

And fighting.

And tired.

And sooooo not into having their picture taken.

The picture you’re desperately trying to get for your Christmas cards?

Well, it may look like this:
Definitely not card-worthy.

Keeping it for later, when she’s 17, and needs to be brought down a notch.

But not going onto a card.

So get on it!! Get your pictures done before November 24th! You’ll thank me later.


One family that did plan well is this gorgeous family:

This lady is tops in our book.

She is one of the 2 fabulous Kindergarten teachers that we have been blessed with. First with Harper, and now with Payton.

We were dying all summer wondering if Payton would get the same teachers. All three of us (Tom, Payton and myself) would have been devastated to get anyone else.

Harper would have never let it go….one more thing that she can hold over Payton’s head.

But luckily, it worked in our favor.

And now, I’m the lucky one to photograph her amazingly photogenic kids!

Look at those eyes!

She walked into the park smiling like this, and NEVER stopped.

Easiest kid I’ve ever photographed!  And so beautiful….

And her older brother is an absolute doll.

Looking at these two sitting together, you’d think there’s no one else in the world except the two of them.

So sweet.

These guys were so willing to give each other kisses! We got lots of kissing shots.

Here is another one of my favorites, I love how it turned out, and it was exactly what I was imagining, and probably what their parents were imagining.

But we kept changing positions, and I was fiddling around with my camera settings, and we would talk, and take small breaks from posing, so the kids got a little reprieve.

But when I was ready to shoot again, they went back to the original command of “kiss each other”.

This is what happened:

I remember vividly one or both of their parents saying “NO! On the cheek! On the cheek!”

But honestly? I adore this picture.

I’m not sure when you are supposed to stop kissing (anyone who is not your spouse) on the mouth.

I know my girls will kiss me on the mouth and Tom will kind of shudder.

I accidentally kissed my sister on the mouth a few years ago, and we both freaked out.

But this sweet little kiss does nothing but warm my heart, and make me smile, and wish innocence lasted a lot longer than it seems to these days.

Another picture that I adore.

Makes me want to wake up my little girl right now and get into position to get this picture of us together.

I will make sure to do it soon.

I feel like I’m capturing a private moment, one that is very personal, one that they probably have several times a week (a day?), but don’t recognize because no one is taking pictures of it.  I absolutely love it.


So obviously I loved this photo shoot. Not just because the family is naturally beautiful and needed very little editing. But because this woman is so dear to our family.

I remember how hard I cried leaving Harper at Kindergarten that first day. It’s so hard to leave your child in someone else’s care.  You never know if she will attend to your child’s needs the way I would. Will she listen to her like I would? Will she care for her like I would?  Will she love her like I do?

Well, she did.

And we are forever grateful.

So get your Christmas pictures done!!

You want to look like the picture below (not the one at the top!)

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