Christmas photo shoot | Presidio Park, San Diego

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I felt so happy to photograph this family a few weeks ago…they were the recipients of my donated photo shoot at our schools auction last spring.

The two girls go to the same school as my own children, and it’s so cute how they will come up and say hi to me now that I’ve taken their pictures.

They supposedly told their mom that I was “fun” and they liked me after the photo shoot was over.

Couldn’t ask for a better review.

They (very smartly) held onto the gift until close to Christmas, and we got some great pictures suitable for Xmas cards.

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The girls are in 4th grade and 2nd grade….and have hair to die for!

I thought of my own two girls when I was taking their pictures, envisioning my future.

Which, by the way, was not always a pleasant vision.

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Apparently, this is the age when you stop kissing and hugging your sister…even if a total stranger is telling you to do so. And your parents are backing up the request.

My suggestions to hug each other, put your cheeks together, give your sister a kiss on the cheek, were met with “UGH! Gross! No way! Bleech!”

And so it never happened.

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We did get this.

Hand holding.

That was pretty good….and turned out really cute.

Matching outfits…again, I’m thinking about my girls.

Not twins! But we dress them like they are!

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Call me super smart about getting THIS keeper!

I told the little one a secret, and told her to tell her sister. I was perfectly set with my camera in place to capture the transfer.

Apparently, if there’s a good secret going around, it’s ok for your little sister to touch you with her lips.

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Christmas photo time is the busiest time for photographers to book shoots.

It’s actually hysterical how many other photographers and families dressed to the nines you run into in various parks, historical sites, etc. We have to jockey to get out of each others way, but still get the background we want.

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It’s probably the best time of year to photograph young kids though.

You have Santa in your back pocket as a resource to help them cooperate.

A no-fail trick I’ve used on many kids…namely my own.

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One of the best shoots this winter.

I was able to meet a great family that lives in my same neighborhood (did I mention that? We could have carpooled to the photo shoot!), and we both feel good about doing something to support our school.

Plus, their Christmas cards are done in November.

They win.


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