Christmas on the beach | Scripps Pier

I have to get these adorable photos up before Christmas is too far gone!

I met up with these cuties in November to get some photos for their mom’s Christmas cards. We had so much fun…it was Christmas on the beach!

The little one was a ball of energy and ran nonstop up and down the beach. I unfortunately could do nothing but chase after her. LOTS of photos of her back. Sad.

The older one was full of stories and never stopped chatting me up. Hilarious. Learned a lot of family secrets that morning. 🙂

I’m reading all sorts of sob stories on the photography community I belong to right now. People in those freezing cold states, wondering how they can take decent photos inside, how can they use artificial light for those dark days when the sun never comes out, what they can do to keep taking photos during the slow months when no one wants photos done because they are dressed in turtle necks and wool sweaters!

Obviously, not a problem I’m having here.  (And hysterical that Payton had to ask what a turtle neck is!)

It was November, a week from Thanksgiving, 9am, and they were perfectly happy in their sleeveless dresses. Part of that is the magic of kids, who never seem to get cold because they never stop moving, but definitely part of that is the loveliness of living in San Diego.

Enjoy Christmas on the beach! San Diego style. 🙂

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