Christmas in July photos {San Diego photographer}

Does the thought of getting Christmas pictures done in time to print out cards and get them in the mail on time make you start to sweat? It does for me.  So Christmas in July is for me, and maybe for you too.

Last year I used a picture I had taken in October, because I couldn’t get my girls to cooperate for even one single photo shoot for the next 60 days! Thankfully I was the one trying to take the pictures (or not?) because I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had scheduled a shoot with another photographer and they acted the way they do when I try.

But actually, that’s kind of the whole reason to hire someone else to take your family pictures. Kids just do better when someone other than mom is telling them what to do! I can get other peoples kids to do things, sit places, and hug each other on command and it blows my mind that they (almost always) do what I ask!

I ask my girls to “pleeeease just sit and smile without closing your eyes, looking down, looking up, crossing your eyes, making your sister scream, sticking out your tongue, pulling up your dress, spreading your legs so I see your panties, running from the camera, yelling, pouting, whining, crying, giving up, going home.” Is that too much to ask???? And actually the last two, “giving up and going home” is what  I do. And the crying. I’m probably the one doing that too.

So it’s a great idea, if you want some great photographs of your family, and especially your kids, to hire someone else to take the pictures.

The other great idea, is to get them done way early! Like now! Christmas in July…perfect time for family photos that you can use for your holiday cards.

The weather is gorgeous, the sun is warm, the ocean is bright blue…. so strip the clothes off that baby, and let’s stick him in a Santa hat in a sled on the beach and call it the best Christmas picture EVER to send to your friends in Minnesota!

You don’t need to strip off your clothes for a Christmas in July photo shoot though. Don’t panic. And you don’t even need to send out Christmas cards (or even celebrate Christmas!) for this to be a good time for family photos. Just get the family in some cute clothes (see my pinterest post for great looking outfits that go well together), head to the beach, and get some amazing photos (with the sunset of course) that you will treasure forever, even if you still don’t find enough time to get those cards printed out…..  🙂

And oh yeah….if you need to find a photographer to capture these Christmas in July photos….I’m your girl!

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