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The best part of being a child photographer, is getting those photographs of my own kids that don’t mean much at the time, but will mean the world to me in a few years.

Yesterday I was looking at the lenses that I own, and there is one macro lens that I never really use. I bought it when I was really into landscape photography, and it served me well during that time. But I never really bust it out now with the child and newborn photography I do.

Then I started thinking about those newborn shots I love to get….the detailed shots of the “little bits” I call them. The tiny toes, the fat juicy lips, the rolls of skin on their thighs, the hair whorls, the eyelashes…..those are the money shots on newborns.

I was super excited thinking about using my macro lens again….but no newborn shoots coming up this month!

Then I saw Payton, asleep on the couch, and decided to use her as my guinea pig.

These photos, the “test the lens” photos, the “don’t really need these” photos….I know that someday they will mean so much more….

The lens works, I will use it on the babies.

But I’m glad I used it on Payton too….

child photographer

child photographer

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